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Proses Pembuatan Lampu LED di Moskow

We are at the laboratory “Svetovod”, it is a Russian company producing LED goods: LED bulbs,  lamps, displays, clocks etc.  The company has been working since 2003 and is located in Moscow.

Everything begins in a big lab. Its specialists invent new goods.

The production itself is rather small. It needs only one shop. The warehouse occupies half of it. The company does not make light-emitting diodes, they are bought from Russian and German producers.

The components are neatly sorted on the shelves.

Lenses of signal lights. They are used for lighthouses, for example. Light is scattered in the horizontal.

Indicator board


Robots and stoves

Robot is placing light-emitting diodes on the circuit boards.

The process can be controlled from the computer

New robot

Some work is still done manually

Almost ready LED bulb

LED lamps for housing and communal services.

Office lamps

Display board in for some airport

Here ready products are checked.
Characteristics are checked in a special dark room.

Device for control of lamp parameters

Sphere for control of light-emitting diodes parameters

Special software

Variety of color temperatures

LED bulbs

Obstruction lights and industrial lighting fixtures

Moisture-proof luminaires for fountains, pools and paths…

Industrial lighting fixtures

Different various lamps

Cheap street lamp

Lenses of various shapes

LED bulb for installing in obstruction lanterns.
Location: Moscow

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